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Super Good Old Hollywood Glamour Inspiration – Brought to you by Stylish Instagramers

If you’re a ForeignChic customer we probably have THIS in common:

We don’t get inspired much by fashion magazines or today’s celebrities

OK, we page through, we like it, it inspires us, but the ENTIRE look – would we wear it? Is it OUR signature look?

Likely Not.

We get our inspiration more from Old Hollywood Movie Stars and we wonder why “If they look so good and this style is so sexy and appealing, what is all this modern day stuff that looks, uhhh?”

We respect everyone’s style and actually love it that not everyone dresses like us.

It makes the world interesting


We Stand Out.

OK, so now that we are relating and thinking the same thing, I have for you some modern day inspiration that isn’t Modern – in the sense that these aren’t those “Modern” looks that you hate – You may actually dislike the word modern – Yep, I’m with you – It can be the complete opposite sometimes of what we Love – OK, let’s dive in!


Chocolate in hand? Is your wine ready?


Sip….. Eat…. Drink & Be Merry & Enjoy!


Well, there is ONE woman who is a HUGE inspiration to me and she is a modern day woman living RIGHT NOW – Her name is Dita Von Teese – I’m sharing some of my favorite Instagram shots of her today with you as well as some shots from other modern day woman who know how it’s done ¬†; D




Wow! We can relate!

I have a tendency to put on red lipstick in the house when I’m just by myself – It makes me feel sassy and powerful

I LOVE baths!

Wearing jewelry in a bathtub РI may have done it РA necklace, but  full fledged BLING like this РComing right up! Amazing feel!




Is this Love?

YES, YES, it is!



These beautiful images are from a video on her page – AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

OK – If you are like me, by now you have so much excitement in you that even though you may or may not have had coffee ; ) – So I’m not going to post any more images here, but at your own risk, go to the homepage of my blog, ForeignChic.com/blog for more modern day women who are DOING GLAMOUR!

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