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Last Minute Easy, but Fabulous Halloween Costumes


Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s
1. Long black dress
2. Long black gloves
3. Pearl necklace
4. Hair in a bun
5. Put a Brooch or piece of sparkly jewelry at the top of the bun

P.S. If you have The Grand Elegance Pearls from ForeignChic wear those! They are PERFECT!



Snow White
1. Long (preferably) or shorter yellow skirt
2. Navy blue top
3. Red scarf to tie around your neck like the cape that she wore outside
3. Red hair bow (If you don’t have a red bow, you can take a little piece of red fabric from something and place it where Snow White wore it on her head)
4. A black wig! This will complete the look


Little Red Riding Hood
1. Little basic dress – almost any color will do
In most illustrations she is wearing a white, creme, light blue, navy blue or blue checkered dress
2. Red scarf – just tie it around your head like she does and arrange until you have the desired look
3. A basket!
4. A napkin or piece of cloth to put over the basket (even a white t-shirt would work!)




Mary Poppins!
Oh I love Mary Poppins!
It may be my all time favorite movie!
1. White long sleeve top
2. Long black skirt (as close to the authentic length as possible)
3. Black hat
4. Fake flowers to pin onto hat
5. Black leggings
6. Black shoes
7. White gloves
8. Red lipstick to top it off!


Mary Poppins has a few very memorable outfits in the movie, so you can choose which Mary Poppins version you’d like to emulate. Here, Elle Fanning, did an AWESOME job as Mary Poppins. If you have a coat like this, put it on! Look at that Mary Poppins Bag too! 😀 That is my favorite part!




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